Family Ministry

FBC Martin Family Ministry exists to help families live the Great Commandment and fulfill the Great Commission. 

  • To equip families with Scripture: helping them to see how the entire Bible points to Jesus Christ and the gospel, and to live in obedience to Jesus Christ in service through His church (Bible).
  • To make disciples who are disciple makers (Discipleship). 
  • To train families to live on mission for God and practice evangelism as a part of their everyday life (Evangelism).
  • To teach families about missions and provide opportunities for families to serve on the mission field within their community, nation, and world (Missions).
  • To foster fellowship and love among our families that reflects Jesus Christ (Fellowship).

  • Milestones

    We want to celebrate the big moments of your children's lives with you from the time they are born to when they graduate High School, which is why we are introducing the following milestone moments.  As your children reach these various moments in their lives, you will be contacted with further information about the latest milestone moment.

    2019 Milestone Dates
    1. Parent-Child Dedication - May 12
    2. Kindergarten Promotion - August 4
    3. Purity for Life - August 11
    4. Fast Track with Parents - January 7
    5. The Plunge - July 28
    6. 8th Grade Cookout - April 26
    7. Rite of Passage - March 17
    8. Graduate Banquet - May 3
    9. Faith Commitment Celebrations - January 27, April 7, September 29
    Have questions? Not sure what some of these milestones are? Click here to find out more!
  • Real TAlk

  • More Resources

    Click here for additional resources for kids from birth to 5th Grade.

    Click here for additional resources for students from 6th to 12th Grade.

    Click here for our Home Pointe Resources.