At FBC Martin, our Life Groups are for our adults and youth and Sunday School classes are for our children.  We meet Sunday mornings beginning at 9:45.  We come together to study the Bible, and through God's Word, we discover hope, life, power, and victory!  Below are a few, brief FAQ's that might help you in understanding why we believe this is one of the most important areas of ministry at FBC Martin.

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What Are Life Groups? 

Life Groups are part of the relationship building and education ministry of FBC Martin. They encompass people of all walks of life, many of whom are at the same stage in life as you. 

What Happens in Life Groups?

Participation in small groups is vital to a healthy, Christian lifestyle. Why? Because life happens in small groups. We believe that the most effective way to promote spiritual growth is to develop significant relationships with one another. Small groups help facilitate and grow these relationships. Secondly, small groups help us meet and minister to the needs of others more effectively. If you're not a member of a Life Group, it is very likely that your ministry needs will never be met sufficiently.

Fellowship happens in Life Groups. 

Relationships grow in Life Groups. 

Needs are met in Life Groups. 

Ministry happens in Life Groups. 

Encouragement happens in Life Groups.

Life happens in Sunday Life Groups.