Camp 1031

Camp Dates: July 11-15, 2022

Camp 1031 is a 1-week Day Camp at FBC Martin.  We offer a variety of athletic, creative thinking, and educational camps.

Camp 1031 is for children who have completed K-5th Grade as of May 2022.

We have Full Day and Half Day options for your children:

  • The Full Day option (8:00 to 5:00) is $90 for the week. 
  • The Half Day Morning option (8:00-12:00) are $50 for the week.

A $25 registration fee is due within the first 2 weeks of your registration in order to secure your child's camp selections. Full payment is due to the FBC Martin Church Office by June 21, 2022. Please note that if your child is signed up for Artsy Craftsy Camp or Fashionista Camp, there is a $10 additional fee for supplies for each camp.


Register by April 22, 2022, and your child could win special discounts on camp:

  • 10 campers will receive $15 off their total camp costs.
  • 2 campers will receive 50% off their total camp costs.

For more information about Camp 1031, please check out our Parent Packet and FAQ's below. If you would like to know more about the different camps being offered this year, check out the Camp Descriptions below. If you have any questions about Camp 1031, please contact Matt Brewer (


Parent Packet


Camp Descriptions